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Ringhope Custom Screen Printing Services for Shirts, Shorts and Hoodies

Ringhope online store offers custom screen printing on shirts, shorts and hoodies. If you want high-density screen printing to be done on your t-shirts, shorts and hoodies, then you have come to the right place. In the market of sports garments, we provide our number one services to individuals and business owners who want to buy bulk t shirts for screen printing and other custom-made sports apparel.

You can contact us via live chat on our website and ask us any questions anytime. We make sure to provide our customers with quality services and resolve all their queries. So, you can connect with us today and place your order through our website.

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Screen Printing on Shirts

Screen printing is a commonly used technique that has been around for a long time and is super popular to this day. At Ringhope online store, you can buy wholesale shirts for screen printing at affordable prices as the cost of screen printing per shirt is pretty cost-effective, so, naturally, buying in large quantities will be a relief for you.

We do screen printing on all sizes:

We do custom screen printing in all sizes. Whether you want small, medium, large, extra-large, or oversized screen printing t shirts, we have got you covered. You tell us what size you need, and we’ll customize your t-shirts according to the given measurements.

Cheap tie dye shirts screen printing:

We offer cheap screen printing on tie-dye shirts. Screen printing on tie-dye shirts looks vibrant and wholesome. Your personality shines in tie-dye shirts and lets you make a unique style statement. So, come to us with any design and color, including the tie-dye shirts, and we’ll do the best screen printing for you.

Screen printing on Hoodies

Ringhope online store offers custom screen printing on hoodies. You love your hoodies and want them to look sporty and stylish that’s why we offer you the best screen printing available in the market at affordable prices.

Wholesale hoodies for screen printing:

Screen printing is perfectly efficient and beneficial for businesses and sports teams who want hoodies in bulk. Buying hoodies with custom screen printing in bulk would prove to be highly cost-effective and pocket-friendly for you. Moreover, it will help in expanding your sports apparel business and any other business related to the field. You’ll earn handsome profits and generate higher revenues by getting our custom hoodies screen printing wholesale packages from our online store instead of manufacturing your very own apparel.

In a nutshell, you earn more than you invest, as screen printing on wholesale hoodies is super cheap.


Cheap tie dye shirts screen printing:

We offer cheap screen printing on tie-dye shirts. Screen printing on tie-dye shirts looks vibrant and wholesome. Your personality shines in tie-dye shirts and lets you make a unique style statement. So, come to us with any design and color, including the tie-dye shirts, and we’ll do the best screen printing for you.


Screen printing on shorts

Screen printing on shorts is pretty popular. Get shorts screen printed for your high school club or college activity, business or brand. We make custom shorts based on your size measurements, material choice, and preferred design scheme and colour combinations.

Whether you want to do branding of your business and need a logo or simply want shorts for your sports team, we deal with all fields related to sports and provide you with cheap packages. We take pride in our services and guarantee that our screen printing is the best.

Comfort colors screen printing:

Screen printing usually deals with bold and vibrant colors making the print look dominant even on darker colored shirts. However, we offer a wide range of comfort colors for screen printing. You can let us know what colors you desire, and we’ll make the perfect mix for you that would be soothing and easy on the eyes.

Quality shorts:

You’ll get high-quality shorts from Ringhope. We always use high-grade fabric to manufacture garments that are breathable, elastic and long lasting. To get the utmost comfort, the shorts must feel soft and cushy so, we prioritize comfort and quality of our materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs­)

Foil printing is also known as foil stamping. It is a technique that gives a shiny effect on the fabric by using metallic foils like silver, gold and copper. There are two methods by which foil screen printing can be done. In one method, foil adhesives are applied to the fabric that gets pressed with foil paper by a hot steel roller at controlled heat temperatures. In the other method, printing gets done on the foil paper before it is pressed on the fabric by using hot steel rollers. A detachable foil film is used to assist in this process. Ringhope also offers foil printing, so look forward to our services and find out more about us on our website.

Screen printing is remarkably durable and long-lasting if it’s executed accurately. When the thick inks used in the printing gets correctly cured during the heating and drying processes, they become super strong and durable. Therefore, high-quality screen printing would never crack or fade even after the machine washes.

Flat screen printing consists of three methods: 1. Hand screen printing 2. Semi-automatic flat screen printing 3. Fully-automatic flat screen printing Hand screen printing requires manual labor more than the other two methods. The semi-automatic method also isn’t as efficient as the fully automatic system. The fully automatic system makes up for the speed and allows the use of more colors simultaneously which allows the process to continue without stopping, unlike the previously mentioned methods that get the printing done in batches.

Both methods are great. Dye sublimation and custom screen printing are both durable and long-lasting. However, which method is better for you depends on some factors like your requirements and budget. For example, dye sublimation is better for smaller projects. It is preferable to use polyester material and is quite beneficial when you need several colors in a print. On the other hand, screen printing is better for larger projects. It is cost-effective. Many ink types can be used to give vibrant effects. Screen printing is suitable for many fabrics other than cotton.

Digital printing is fast and quick. The design is uploaded to the computer that directly prints the design onto the shirts. In order words, digital printing mimics the working of an inkjet printer that allows the printing of millions of colors and patterns onto a shirt. Screen printing is better when fewer colors are involved. Setting up the screen is time-consuming, whereas digital printing doesn’t need such a complex setup. Ringhope offers all types of printing. Visit our website and contact us to find out more about our services.


At our custom sportswear suppliers platform, we believe in providing exceptional customer support throughout your journey. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you at every step, from choosing the right products to answering your questions and resolving any concerns. We value your delight and strive to surpass your expectations with our reliable and personalized customer service.


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